📍Start Here

We have created a demo repository in Github for you to follow along with:

Go to mint our SBT 🚀:



  1. Clone the tutorial repository to your local machine:

$ git clone git@github.com:0xKYC/tutorial-0xkyc.git
$ cd tutorial-0xkyc
  1. Install the necessary packages:

$ npm install

Update Configurations

  1. Update {YOUR_PROVIDER_URL} to your provider url in example.ts:

const web3 = new Web3('{YOUR_PROVIDER_URL}');

Compile and Run

  1. Compile the TypeScript file:

$ tsc example.ts
  1. Execute the compiled JavaScript file:

$ node example.js


The output will look like below:

# testHasSoulScenario0
Error:  Web3 validator found 1 error[s]:
value "invalid_format" at "/0" must pass "address" validation
hasSoul: false

# testHasSoulScenario1
hasSoul: true
walletAddress: 0xb52e0c56e0A8Afc9B28c8e0a8396af3261a5e191
1. The owner is over 18.
2. The owner is not from OFAC sanctioned country.
3. The wallet address is not in the OFAC sanctioned list.

# testHasSoulScenario2
hasSoul: false
walletAddress: 0x3f5CE5FBFe3E9af3971dD833D26bA9b5C936f0bE
- The owner has not finished 0xkyc verification process.
- Or the owner is not over 18.
- Or the owner is from OFAC sanctioned country.
- Or the wallet address is in the OFAC sanctioned list.

# testGetUUIDDataScenario0
Error:  Web3 validator found 1 error[s]:
value "invalid_format" at "/0" must pass "address" validation

# testGetUUIDDataScenario1
uuid: afb701e7-36d9-448c-9c55-ad562aba6c2e
walletAddress: 0xb52e0c56e0A8Afc9B28c8e0a8396af3261a5e191
This walletAddress has been assigned uuid by 0xkyc.

# testGetUUIDDataScenario2
walletAddress: 0x3f5CE5FBFe3E9af3971dD833D26bA9b5C936f0bE
This walletAddress has not been assigned uuid by 0xkyc.

# testGetUUIDDataScenario3
walletAddress: 0xb52e0c56e0A8Afc9B28c8e0a8396af3261a5e191 and walletAddress: 0x778c6Eec2b9a1Cf006e854abBcd261F63b3eb769 have the same uuid: afb701e7-36d9-448c-9c55-ad562aba6c2e
It means two addresses are owned by the same person.
NOTE: Even if the network is different, wallet addresses from the same person has the same UUID.

# testGetUUIDDataScenario4
walletAddress1: 0xb52e0c56e0A8Afc9B28c8e0a8396af3261a5e191, uuid1: afb701e7-36d9-448c-9c55-ad562aba6c2e
walletAddress2: 0xc461F7c743a428DE1F20627fbD9243bB0983C94B, uuid2: 5324d1da-c44a-47e5-857e-72db6529b440
It means two wallet addresses are owned by the different person.

Thank you for completing this tutorial from start to finish. 😁

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