🤖Public APIs

This section focuses on a API implementation. We would like to allow for all developers to be able to integrate, even beyond the scope of web3.

You can use already configured test account.

apiKey: "test1"

apiSecret: "123456789123456789"

You need to get issued an apiKey from us.

Please send an email to us Support@0xkyc.id using the apiKey request form below after changing #{something} to the proper one.

apiKey request form

Email Title

[ApiKey Request] from #{yourName or organizationName}

Email Content

Dear 0xkyc Support Team,
I am writing to request an API key for accessing the services offered by 0xkyc.

Name/Organization: #{yourName or organizationName}
Purpose of Integration: #{Briefly describe why you want to integrate with 0xkyc, such as "We are developing a financial app that requires KYC checks for our users."}

Contact Information:
Email: #{yourEmail}
(optional)Website: #{yourWebsiteLink}


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